R. T. Bowersox
 Playwright, Screenwriter, Fiction

Personal Contact: 302-540-6102


A Life With Words

R. T. (Bob)  Bowersox clearly remembers the first thing he ever wrote.

"I was seven or eight," he said. "It was late in the day and I was sitting on the hood of my father's Buick, leaning back against the windshield. I was a sensitive kid, and my mom had been gone all day and I was missing her, so I composed this elaborate poem to her, all in my head. I can't remember a word of it now, but I clearly remember its creation in great detail, right down to the sound of the wind through the wheat in the field next to me, and the heat coming off the car hood in the late afternoon sun."

Bob hasn't stopped writing since. His journey with words has carried him through several collections of poetry, hundreds of songs (several of which ended up on two albums he recorded in his 20's), a couple of novels, a bunch of short stories, a stint as a reporter and columnist for publishing giant Gannett, founding his own magazine and serving as its lead feature writer, a dozen movie scripts, and as many stage plays.

While Bob continues to work in each discipline, he's found the most success with his stage plays and screenplays. His last five stage plays have been produced professionally on Equity stages, meeting with rave reviews from both audiences and critics.  One play has been produced internationally at Theatre Hoger Streven in Ghent, Belgium, translated into Flemish. Three of his film scripts have been optioned by Hollywood -- with one currently set for release by Lionsgate, starring Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser -- and several other of his film scripts have been award-winners, including recognition in such prestigious competitions as the Nicholl Fellowships, the Austin Film Festival, the American Screenwriting Awards, both Project Greenlight competitions, the Benderspink Big Break competition, the Carl Sautter Competition, and the Marco Island Film Festival, among others.

Bob received his BA in Journalism from the University of Delaware, graduated from Gotham Writer's in New York with a concentration in both Screenwriting and Playwriting, and received his Professional Programs Masters in Screenwriting from UCLA. He currently resides and writes full time in Philadelphia.


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